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Beginner Acting Class (Phase 1)

Begginer Acting Class - Ted Bardy Studio New York

The “Reality of Doing” is the foundation of the Sanford Meisner approach to acting. Our Beginner Acting Classes start off with the fundamental Meisner Technique exercise called, “The Repetition Exercise.” This fundamental exercise trains actors in the habit of really listening, getting the attention off themselves, leaving themselves vulnerable, and really responding truthfully to the other actors’ behavior.

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Advanced Acting Class (Phase 2)

Advanced Acting Class - Ted Bardy Studio New York

 Advanced Acting Class (Phase 2), continues to build upon the work from Phase 1. This work is individualized and designed in a very systematic, step-by-step fashion in order for the actor to develop a habitual way of working. The instructor arranges semi-private meetings with students new to Phase 2 to discuss and explain “emotional preparation.” Emotional preparation is the tool the actor uses to generate a truthful, emotional life.

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Professional Acting Class (Phase 3)

Professional Acting Class - Ted Bardy Studio New York

The Professional Acting Class (Phase 3) is the third and final phase of training for actors enrolled in the accelerated 3-phase Meisner Technique Acting Program at The Ted Bardy Acting Studio. Working professionals and actors who have completed their training at other facilities are also considered for admission to the Professional Acting Class (Phase 3) which focuses on application of the Meisner Technique.

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